About Us

The Brand Brewery is a creative, branding, design and advertising agency based in Durban, South Africa that includes a full range of services including photography and video. The agency is owned and operated by Jon Ivins and a team of creative professionals.

We believe that your Brand is everything.

Your Brand and what it stands for is your most powerful business tool. In the modern world, the reputation of a business is essential to its success. Branding is the public representation of a businesses values and what it offers to its customers.

We thrive on the challenging projects specific to the South African market place and environment.

Using our extensive knowledge we have gained over the years in design and advertising, we strive to deliver your brand the exposure it deserves.

When you have the right tools to tell your story, you get great results. We are passionate about what we do and our goal is to make our clients passionate about their brands and businesses. We like solving problems - working and growing with our clients to create successful relationships and profitable partnerships. Each of our clients is different. Sometimes we think both inside and outside the box, but more often than not, we redesign the box completely.

We are a small agency, so can offer our clients a lot of attention and dedicated service. We have all our crayons in one box so can offer a swift turn around on the most challenging of deadlines.

"Sometimes we think both inside and outside the box, but more often than not we redesign the box completely."